150th anniversary since the voluntary resettlement of the Koreans in Russia: transformation incurred to the ethnic community (historical studies on the issue)

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The paper is timed to the 150 th anniversary since voluntary resettlement of the Koreans in Russia (1864); it considered priority issues explored by Russian historical research over the recent two decades. The study revealed major trends of issue development, its evolutionary track, and how much the first research studies have differed from papers that appeared in the period from 2000 to 2013 (when authors focused on showing up the role and place of an ethnic community in Russian multicultural society. The paper explored transformations incurred while development of various features of ethnic community, and has shown that participation of Russian Koreans in local management of social processes and in public life of the State has substantially increased, as well as in improvement of production, advancements of science, sports achievements. Multiple accounts reflect achievements and reveal oversights due to insufficiently exact statement of events and situation related to adaptation and integration of Koreans in various stages of history of Soviet and Russian statehood.


Resettlement, civil war, soviets, collectivization, great patriotic war, forced resettlement, socialist development, rehabilitation, mutual perception, (russian) empire

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