3D-projects in course "Computer graphics" made by first-year students

Автор: Usanova Kseniya Yrievna, Pichugin Egor Dmitrievich, Fedotova Kseniya Alexandrovna

Журнал: Строительство уникальных зданий и сооружений @unistroy

Рубрика: Проектирование

Статья в выпуске: 2 (2), 2012 года.

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This publication is sequential of Fundamental and polytechnical experience of construction education with using Moodle [1].The examples of project on discipline "Computer Graphics" was presented here. In addition, these examples were made in autumn 2011 by first-year students of Department "Technology, Organization and Economics of Construction" (Faculty of Civil Engineering, SPbSPU). This discipline supports on distance within the bounds of virtual learning environment Moodle.

Moodle, distance learning, information technologies, bim-технологии, revit, allplan, engineering graphics, forum, control of knowledge, virtual learning environment, fundamentality, polytechnical education, bim-technologies, perspective and shadow projections


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