Anti-doping education of students in the educational process of a sports university

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The article presents the results of the curriculum analysis of the educational direction 49.03.01 Physical Education, program specialization «Sports training in chosen sport» on the subject of anti-doping education of university students (Kuban State University of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism - further KSUPEST) which allowed the preparation of the proposals for its improvement. The purpose of the study was to justify the need to manage the anti-doping education of students of a sports university through the content of the basic professional educational program of higher education for the direction 49.03.01 Physical Education. The study included the following methods: 1) the analysis of the literature, the curriculum of a sports university of the educational direction 49.03.01 Physical Education, the Federal State Educational Standard of the Bachelor’s Degree Program for this direction to determine the components of anti-doping education of sports university students; 2) the methods of mathematical statistics have been applied in the analysis of the questioning data of students about the effect of doping on achievement of high sports results (n = 104)...


Doping, anti-doping education, educational program, competencies, professional education in the field of physical education and sports, sports university

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