Biomechanics of movements and throwing technique in bowling

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In the article it is shown how the subject "Biomechanics of Motive Activity" promotes studying of a technique and technology of performance of various sports locomotion in game and also considers biomechanics of movements and throwing technique in the game of bowling which have not been studied in scientific and methodical practice yet. Meanwhile the system of biomechanics of motor activity of a person is well presented in bowling: biomechanics of throwing (the moving movements of a body and its parts), technique of rocking (step movements), and technique of final action - throwing (driving forces and calculation of speed). Bowling is considered as a corporate sport, as it reduces stress, develops a sense of space (good eye, ability to determine the distance between objects in space). It stimulates the activity of the human vestibular apparatus, provides an assessment of motor actions (linear and rotational movement of the body and its parts), and develops coordination. In this game, a player performs one of the main motor actions of a human - stepping movement. This information has a scientific and methodological value (direction "Educational biomechanics") and allows to show in a particular sport, the importance of the laws and principles of biomechanics of motor activity for the average person during his leisure time. Studying of bowling techniques will help students to perform complex laboratory work using computational and graphical methods. Moreover, the game of bowling can be a practical basis for experimental research: the study of biomechanics movements in a game of different age groups.


Biomechanics of movement, throwing technique, poses, speed corner, bowling, rotary motions

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