The human capital in structure of priorities of social and economic development of the region

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The article analyzes the results of the implementation of the current socio-economic development strategy for the Volgograd Region until 2025. The external conditions are evaluated for the implementation of the main strategic priorities and implementation of the projects laid down in the strategy. The necessity of adjusting the main priorities of the strategy, taking into account new external and internal challenges and threats, as well as the possibilities of using a new resource portfolio, is substantiated. Sufficient attention is paid to the problems of forecasting in the article, since the planning of the main actions must be based on the foresight of the future situation. Various methods of forecasting are considered here, the possibilities and their applications are justified. Also features of trend analysis or analysis of the main trends are substantiated when forming the prospects for the region's strategic development for the long-term perspective. Much attention is paid to the justification of the need to allocate human capital in a number of key priorities of the strategy of social and economic development until 2030...


Region, regional development strategy, regional management, forecasting methods, regional development priorities, human capital, forecasting of social and economic development of the region

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IDR: 149131183   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.2.9

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