Ornamental trees and shrubs in ARHIBAN collection

Автор: Sorokopudova Olga Anatolievna, Artyukhova Antonina Victorovna

Журнал: Hortus Botanicus @hortbot

Рубрика: Литературное садоводство

Статья в выпуске: 12, 2017 года.

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Basic principles of formation and preservation of the collection of ornamental arboreal plants are highlighted in the laboratory of ornamental plants at ARHIBAN. Created stored for several decades in this institute collection of the trees and the shrubs that are winter-hardy and highly resistant to a complex of environmental factors, it is a specific source for reproduction and introduction of valuable plants in gardening of settlements of central Russia. In accordance with the principle of minimizing the cost for growing ornamental plants we gave preference to the shrubs. Much attention is paid to the terms and planting schemes as other elements of growing. Methods of reproduction of cultivated plants are optimized. Interim results of the introduction to the culture of heat-loving species Catalpa bignonioides Walt. and Cornus mas L. are presented. Container gardening is recognized promising and sought-after direction of ensuring the creation of the most comfortable environment for human life.


Collection of plants, trees and shrubs, decorative qualities, adaptability, reproduction, container gardening

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