“The foreman deigned to go to Teplice” (Peter the First's sojourn at Baden resort near Vienna in the summer of 1698)

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This is the first article published in the Russian language that is dedicated to the stay of Peter the First at the resort of Baden in the vicinity of Vienna in the summer of 1698. The article is based on the documents from the Austrian archives, German-language periodicals of the late XVII century, and the works by Austrian and Russian historians. The article gives a brief history of the resort of Baden. The Tsar stayed at the resort during the stay of the Grand Embassy in Vienna and the negotiations with the Austrian Emperor Leopold the First. The article describes in detail the daily life of the Great Embassy in Baden, puts forward some hypotheses about Peter’s place of residence and his retinue, describes the memorable places of Baden, which are traditionally considered to be associated with Peter the First. It is concluded that Peter the First’s familiarity with the healing springs of Baden shaped his interest in balneology, contributed to visiting other European resorts and creating the first Russian resort of Marcial Waters.


Петр i, леопольд i, grand embassy, peter the first, vienna, baden, leopold the first, balneology, healing springs, everyday life, places of memory

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IDR: 147227362   |   DOI: 10.15393/uchz.art.2020.486

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