Children-youthful sports in the development of physical education of young people

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Essential social significance of children-youthful sports is that of special training. Its primary goal is at first to reveal pupil's abilities in the form of competition organized in accordance with their age, and secondly, further development of abilities mentioned above by means of the specialized activity in a certain kind of sport. Children - youthful sports is one of the most strongly recommended and active forms of physical education with studying youth. Physical activity which takes place in the extracurricular time is not obligatory for young people's participation. Therefore it requires maximum and even extramaximum tension and should be organized in sports schools under the guidance of qualified teachers. Investigations and trainings are conducted according to the curricula and educational standards set for this or that kind of sport. The form of physical education determines and limits the component structure of activities due to a chosen kind of sport. So, children - youth sports is an objective necessity with a young person. It corresponds to bringing up a physically strong person.


Children -youthful sports, forms of studies, sports activity

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