Spiritual, moral and patriotic education in the formation of personality. The main forms, methods, directions of information and propaganda work on the education of patriotism and spirituality among young people

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In the article, in historical retrospect, the issues of spiritual, moral and patriotic education and their role in the formation of personality are considered. A reasonable logical conclusion is made that the problem of spiritual and moral formation of the individual is the key issue in the education of a fullfledged citizen of our country. The analysis of the reasons for the degradation of the spiritual and moral values of the modern society, which failed to preserve its spiritual and moral basis, the destruction of Christian traditions, family relations, transformation in favor of material goods and universal globalization. The positive aspects of the work on the development of conceptual approaches to the education of moral and ethical standards among young people and the patriotic education of citizens of the Russian Federation are noted, and the significant role of the Orthodox Church in the issue of spiritual and moral education of the individual is taken into account. The definition of civil and patriotic education of worthy citizens of our Fatherland is given. The main forms, methods, and directions of information and propaganda work on civilpatriotic and spiritualmoral education of young people are defined.


Personality, morality, patriotism, society, spiritual and moral education, information and propaganda work, form, direction

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