Catherine II as an object of satire in V. I. Maykov’s poem "Elisey, or Bacchus enraged"

Автор: Moiseeva Anna A.

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Рубрика: История литературы

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The article makes a supposition that the reader reveals an earlier unknown type of the 18 th century satire in V.I. Maykov’s poem Elisey, or Bacchus Enraged. The main object of satire in the poem turns to be Catherine II, and the means of its creation is mythological images used by other 18 th century authors for appraisement of the tsarina’s wisdom and beauty. V.I. Maykov modifies their traditional semantics addressing less popular mythological plots in which the same antique heroines are discredited and all these negative qualities extend to Catherine II by way of stable poetic associations. This “mythological” type of satire is supposedly a natural result of the “complimentary” court culture of the 18 th century and can be found in other works of art created in this period.


Русская сатира xviii в, russian satire of the 18 th century, mythological images, change of the traditional semantics

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