Formation of emotionally - strong-will qualities of a person and physical readiness of children aged 6 in the process of physical training

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The method of questioning teachers of preschool educational establishments (PEE) and those teaching at primary schools was used to receive the information about emotionally strong-willed behavior of children aged 6 in the process of their adaptation to school. Mental and physical children qualities were tested as well. Experimental researches were held from September 2006 till May, 2007 on the basis of PEE № 31. It has been revealed that there had not been purposeful use of means and methods of physical training in the system of PEE which could promote formation of emotionally strong-willed qualities of a child as a person, necessary for successful preparation and children adaptation for their training at a primary school.


Preschool children, research, emotionallystrong- will qualities of a person, testing, level of motor activity, physical qualities

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