Gender features of stress reactions in the body of preadult and adult athletes

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The article deals with the problem of the stress - response differentiation in athletes, male and female, from adolescence to the second period of maturity. 180 athletes, male and female were examined for reactivity of the adrenal cortex on the content of cortisol in the body when performing graduate physical exercise. It was revealed that the stress-response in male athletes of preadult age varied within low ranges of cortisol in the body (200-400 nmol/l). Stress-response in male athletes of the first period of adulthood varied in a wide range of quantities of cortisol from 200 - 1200 nmol/L. The stress response of male athletes aged 40-46 years old practicing cyclic sports varied in a relatively low range of cortisol from 400 to 600 nmol/L. The stress-response of athletes aged 40-46 years old having strength training varied in a high range of cortisol from 800 to 1200 nmol/L. It was revealed that female athletes had stable and reactive periods characterized by changing (during MC) activity of endocrine functions on graduate physical exercise.


Gender, athletes, boys, periods of adulthood, stress-response

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