Georgii Adamovich and Russian abroad

Автор: Korostelev Oleg A.

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The proposed abstract review is dedicated to the recent international Baltic seminar “George Adamovich and ... (on the problem of studying the culture of the Russian diaspora)”, which was held on November 7-8, 2019 at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Latvia at the Research Center of Russian Studies. Researchers from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Hungary took part in the seminar; it aroused great interest among students, university and gymnasium teachers, and the Latvian public. As the author of the review proves, the dialogical principle of the problem stated in the title of the seminar was manifested in most of the presentations linking the following thematic blocks: Adamovich and the culture of the diaspora, Adamovich and Soviet literature, Adamovich between the culture of the Silver Age and Russian Abroad, Adamovich and post-war literature. The research subjects presented at the seminar, relevant to particular problems, in different ways were in touch with the course of questions in preparing the 18-vols collected works of the writer at the Moscow publishing house Dmitry Sechin. The speakers focused on issues of publishing practice, archival research, and academic commentary. Following the opinions discussed in the summarization of the Baltic seminar, the “monothematic” of the readings succeed in grounding “polyphonicity” of the topics of studying the culture of the Russian Diaspora, and so the decision to devote a particular meeting to George Adamovich as one of the leading writers of his era was a good idea.


George adamovich, silver age, russian abroad, publishing practice, scientific commentary, baltic seminar

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IDR: 149127246   |   DOI: 10.24411/2072-9316-2020-00025

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