Information analysis center based on the station of metrological control at FSUE "SNIIM" time and frequency service

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The Center performs GLONASS and GPS satellites clock drift and ephemeris data monitoring, provides constellations status data for users in Siberian Federal District and provides metrological and informational support for regional augmentation systems. Metrological maintenance is carried out on the basis of the State Time and Frequency Service of the FSUE «SNIIM». Improved accuracy characteristics seen by the transfer to the hardware network of reference signals from standard time and frequency VET 1-19, informing consumers about the state of the orbital grouping of GNSS. Currently, officers of the State service of time, frequency and determination of the Earth rotation parameters FSUE «SNIIM» for the implementation of information-analytical center developed a special software: software package to restore the current navigation satellites parameters according unrequested trajectory code and phase measurements; software package for recovery currently onboard time scales of GLONASS constellations of navigation satellites and GPS; software package for the comparison of time scales spatially separated and highly stable clock generators for comparing the frequency of the clock according to the GNSS measurements; PVZ software package to calculate forecasts of the Earth rotation parameters for 90 days


Phase trajectory measurements, satellites clock time scale, earth orientation parameters, remote clocks synchronization, ephemeris and clock drift data, satellites navigational parameters

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