Gis instruments for cartographic support of forestry management at federal level

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GIS serves as the widely use instrument for man activity management in different spheres including the information support of forestry all over the world. The technique and experience on creation of cartographic resources such as digital map of forest management units around Russia, digital map of forest vegetation zones and forest districts, electronic and digital maps based on forest register by ArcGis Desktop are reviewed. The new line of investigation linking the advantages of GIS and Web presented in example of developed browser-based application. The aim of the accomplished research is to improve the forest management trough practical application of GIS for visualization of forest state statistical data and Web services for delivering the forest maps to an end-user. The first outcomes of Web-GIS technologies synergy for forest application are described on the example of forest maps intended for interactive visualization and queries.


Gis (geographical information systems), digital mapping, electronic maps, state forest register, web-gis technologies, forest mapping

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