Use of a whole-grain raw ingredient to improve the consumer properties of food products

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Analysis of open sources of scientific and statistical data of scientific research allows us to say that at present the development of the food market is aimed at the full use of traditional raw materials for obtaining food products with improved consumer qualities. Therefore, the main trends aimed at the use of all constituent parts of grain, minimizing losses and maximizing the use of food components of grain raw materials are well justified. The above confirms the appropriateness of the use of grain raw materials in the technologies of new methods of obtaining raw ingredients. The purpose of this study was to obtain a fermented vegetable ingredient based on sprouted wheat grain and assess its applicability in the technology of dairy products. In the work different approaches of fermented vegetable ingredient application were used. It is proposed to introduce the obtained raw ingredient at two stages of production: 1) into the mass of cheese grain during the formation of the head before pressing and 2) at the stage of finishing of the cheese head, by applying on the surface. The studies proved that the developed raw ingredient has antioxidant properties and has a lower content of phytic acid, which contributes to the absorption of the iron it contains. Adding the raw ingredient to the cheese kernel allows to get a delicate structure of the cheese dough, when chewed the presence of particles of the raw ingredient is felt not impairing the perception of the obtained product. In the second version of the cheese, when the raw ingredient is applied to the surface of the cheese head, the integrity of the shape is maintained, there is a delicate, moderately dense structure of the cheese dough. The results of the comprehensive study prove the effectiveness of the obtained fermented raw ingredient based on germinated wheat grain as an additional food raw material in the production of soft cheeses in order to expand the range of products, creating products of natural origin with high nutritional value, as well as increasing the yield of finished products from dairy raw materials.


Wheat grain, germinated wheat grain, germination of cereal crops, raw ingredient, food products of high nutritional value

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IDR: 147236427   |   DOI: 10.14529/food220105

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