Research of investment attractiveness of Russian financial markets in the implementation of the marketplace project

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This article examines the investment attractiveness of Russian financial markets during the implementation of the Marketplace project on all trading platforms. The main goal of this work is to study at all levels of the modern state of individual segments of the financial market such as stock, currency (precious metals), monetary and determining the rating of investment attractiveness of the domestic market, particularly at the regional SFO. To achieve this goal, we have studied publications on the digitalization of the financial market by both foreign and domestic authors, and studied institutional and statistical data from the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the Bank of Russia, and Moscow exchange. In the study of the currency market, UN statistics were studied, and in determining the share of Russia's participation in the formation of world GDP, data from world financial institutions were studied. In the process of analyzing individual segments of the financial market by comparing and comparing statistical data from reviews and collections, the world's TOP 20 largest companies in the stock market for 2019 were identified and investment attractiveness factors were determined. In the domestic stock market, the dynamics of securities issuance by credit institutions for the period 2017-2019 was revealed and also identified the main trends after the 2020 pandemic, taking into account the regional level. When studying the statistics of the currency market and the precious metals market, the reserves of the National Welfare Fund (NWF) were identified and their rating at all levels was determined. The prospects for the development of money markets, which are reflected in the regional budget, are identified on the example of the NSO, as well as the volumes of the deficit (surplus), internal and external public debt. At the last stage of the study, the functions of ESMA - the global regulator of financial markets - in the implementation of the project of transition of financial institutions to a single electronic format for submitting annual financial statements are considered. The article concludes with the main conclusions on the investment attractiveness of certain segments of the financial market, which also affect the regional aspect.


Russian financial markets, foreign exchange market, money market, stock market, marketplace

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