Research of process of filtration of salt water by bulk filters with the use of vibration

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For the purification of process water from impurities at fish processing plants, a large number of filtering devices are currently used, differing in their design parameters (mesh, woven, disco, etc.). However, in practice, these filtering devices are mainly used as the first stage of water treatment, since they can not provide sufficient quality of the filtrate. The most effective, as numerous studies of scientists of our country and the world show, are bulk granular filters. Their main advantages over other devices of similar designation are: they have a simple and reliable design; resistant to aggressive operating conditions; they are capable of effectively purifying seawater from mechanical impurities at relatively low pressure; most economical; have a filtering load capable of a long time to work without regeneration (the approximate service life of a grain-loading is 3 to 5 years) etc. In this article, the influence of vibration effects on the filtration of sea water in a designed and fabricated filter unit with bulk granular materials of natural and artificial origin, the design of which is protected by two patents for the utility model. The results of the study are presented, revealing the degree of influence of the intensity of vibration of the perforated partitioning wall on the state of bulk granular materials located on it (segregation by size, stratified vibro-packing, compacting or loosening of a layer of granular material). The dependences of the capacity of the filtration unit on the amplitude, frequency and the vibration intensity factor have been experimentally established, which made it possible to establish rational vibration parameters of the perforated septum, under which the filtering layer becomes denser, the porosity of the loading decreases, and the precipitate does not break into the filtrate.


Research, sea water, technological needs, filtration, bulk filters, vibration, intensity, rational parameters

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IDR: 140229997   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-50-54

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