Study of the simulation results convergence in various software complexes in the production of stamp welded tee

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There are several basic technologies for making tees. These technologies differ in the way the shaping operations are performed and the equipment used. The choice of parameters for each technological operation directly determines the quality of the finished product. At the same time, the calculation of technological parameters by engineering methods seems to be difficult. Therefore, it is advisable to use modern programs for modeling technological operations. The paper considers the modeling of technological operations of metal forming by pressure, performed during the production of tees, in the software complexes DEFORM-3D and MSC Marc Mentat. The blank and the tool for modeling technological operations were created in the SolidWorks software. In the software complexes DEFORM-3D and MSC Marc Mentat, the operations of partial cooling of the heated billet, the collection of metal into the flanging zone and the flanging operation were sequentially simulated. Based on the simulation results, technological parameters were determined, according to which the experimental stamping of the “tee” parts was carried out later. Based on the results of the work, a comparison was made between the results obtained in software systems and during experimental stamping. Simulation results in two software systems DEFORM-3D and Marc Mentat have a convergence of 99.9%. Measurement of the parameters of the finished products showed that the calculation results were very close to the results of the experimental stamping. The convergence of simulation results and experimental stamping was 96.5%. The main factors influencing the convergence of the results of modeling and experimental stamping have been determined. The resulting tees were found to be suitable, fully satisfying the requirements of the technical specifications. Thus, it has been shown that the use of the DEFORM-3D and Marc Mentat software systems at the enterprises producing stamped-welded parts of the pipeline is expedient.


Modeling, finite element method, stamped-welded pipeline parts, stamping, DEFORM, MSC Marc Mentat

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IDR: 147233983   |   DOI: 10.14529/met210206

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