Research of regularity of latitude distribution of level of oceans water acidification due to increase of percentage of CO2 in atmosphere

Автор: Asadov Hikmet Gamid Ogly, Askerova Sima Azhdar Gyzy

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Рубрика: География и геоинформатика

Статья в выпуске: 3 т.7, 2017 года.

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It is well known that due to absorption of anthropogenic CO2 by ocean water the PH of ocean water decreases. At the same time the concentration of carbonate ions, the saturated condition of biologically significant minerals calcite and aragonite are also decreasing which in total is presen ted as acidification of oceans water. According to huge number of researches devoted to acidification of oceans surface water due to effect of atmospheric CO2 the fact of decrease of Ph of ocean water can be considered as a well proved fact. But regularities of spatial distribution of this process is studied non sufficiently. The carried out analysis of scientific-technical literature make it possible to reveal the contradiction in qualitative characteristics of dependence of PH of ocean water on geographic latitude. Some scientific works state that Ph increases with geographic latitude while other ones claim contradicting results. In the paper this question is analyzed and comparison of theoretically derived results with results of known experiments is carried out. As a result of held model research the inverse non-linear dependence between pH and geographical latitude is derived. The carried out model research does show the presence of minimum in functional dependence of linearly weighted sum of model values of PH on geographic latitude. The experimental confirmation of this regularity is given.


National aerospace agency

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IDR: 149129607   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu11.2017.3.6

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