History of the arboretum " Yuzhnye cultury" (southern culture) (persons and events)

Автор: Soltani Galina Alexandrovna

Журнал: Hortus Botanicus @hortbot

Рубрика: Ботанические сады: история и современность. Сад в обществе

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Arboretum "Yuzhnye cultury" (Southern Culture) has a difficult fortune. It was built by order of the Governor-General of St. Petersburg D.V. Drachevsky as a magnificent park, which has no equal ones in beauty on the Russian Black Sea coast. The project of the architect of St. Peters-burg A. E. Regel was exercised by an experienced gardener R. K. Skrivanik. The names of P. A. Oldenburgskii, L. I. Rubtsov, D.D. Artsybashev, F.S. Pilipenko and A.A. Plotnikov are closely connected with the history of the park. All global events that took place in Russia during the last century were reflected by periods of rise and fall in the park. In 2012 a new era in the develop-ment of "Yuzhnye cultury" began. A valuable collection pf the arboretum was given to the Sochi National park of Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecologies of Russian Federation. A scientific inventory of the 2013 years showed that in "Yuzhnye cultury" of the territory of 20 hectares plants belonging to 665 species and forms 209 genera 76 families. The work of rebuilding of the park began.


Arboretum "yuzhnye cultury", persons, events, exotic plants

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