On the issue of rental funds (in the context of the problem of "empty" legal forms of entities and the actual limitation of the scope of the rental agreement)

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is formed by the author’s attempts to discover the actual forms of using the legal form enshrined in Article 50 of the Civil Code (legal entities that are non-profit organizations can be created in the legal form of rental funds). The failure of such attempts predetermined the author’s theoretical conclusions and practical recommendations for the relative formation of the rental fund legal regime. Methodology: Legalistic method, linguistic method, method of analysis of documents and legal texts were used in this study. Results: As this legal concept was used in conclusion of the contract of hire of the garden tool, equipment, etc, by horticultural, gardening and dacha cottage associations, but is not contained in the new law, the author offers the concrete option of the corresponding legal regulation. The author of the study considers it necessary to fix the conditions for the formation of rental funds for persons engaged in gardening in the basic federal law defining the principles of the organization of local self-government and at the level of municipal legislation...


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