On the issue of drought-tolerant ornamental woody plants the Black Sea coast (near Sochi)

Автор: Karpun Yuriy Nikolaevich, Kuvaitsev Mikhail Valerievich, Kunina Viktoria Alexeevna

Журнал: Hortus Botanicus @hortbot

Рубрика: Литературное садоводство

Статья в выпуске: 12, 2017 года.

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The summer-autumn drought, when rainfall in July - September, less than 200 mm, a significant limiting factor for ornamental woody plants of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. In the region under dry periods are irregular, the study of their impact on plants is problematic and delayed for many years. The last drought was in 2015, when the three months fell only 87 mm of rainfall. In the last days of the dry period were examined 501 views and intraspecific taxa belonging to 112 genera, bushy evergreen shrubs and trees, as the most vulnerable. Evaluation of drought resistance was evaluated according to our 3-point system, and the results were analyzed in the context of consolidated floristic regions. The results showed adequate drought tolerance, not less than 65 %, cultivated in the region of evergreen shrubs and bushy trees mainly from East Asia and the Mediterranean. Among the species that are recommended for mass plantings, for the pre-emptive use of landscaping and street-resistant plants 67-80 %. All this ensures stability and high decorative plants ofSochi city.


Drought, drought resistance, limiting factors, black sea coast of the caucasus, evergreen shrubs, floristic analysis

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