The question of implementation by a judicial precedent in the legal system of the republic of Belarus

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Рurpose: Analysis of the theoretical and enforcement aspects of the use of judicial precedent as a source of law in the Republic of Belarus. Methodology: Authors applied a systematic and formal-legal methods, as well as the method of comparative law. Results: Based on the analysis of historical, structural and substantial aspects and principles on the use of judicial precedent, the authors ground conclusion about the necessity of thoughtful approach to borrowing institutions of foreign law. The authors believe that all the existing problems of judicial enforcement can be successfully resolved through the realization of those opportunities that the current Belarusian legislation. The article substantiates the increase of the role of judicial interpretation given to the law enforcement practice and prospects of creation of specialized jurisdictions. Novelty/originality/value: The article has a certain scientific novelty and practical significance as it allows to specify the doctrinal and practical aspects of the implementation of judicial precedent in modern Belarusian law.


Legal system, normative legal act, judicial precedent, source of law

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