To the issue of lyophilized national sour-milk beverage “koumiss” of single rejuvenation

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This paper presents the study’s results of lyophilized national sour-milk beverage “koumiss” which was obtained from mare's milk because of lactic acid fermentation. Of all types of dairy raw materials, the most interesting in Kyrgyzstan is the fermented milk koumiss from mare's milk. Koumiss, having a whitish color, sourish-sweet taste, is obtained as a result of lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation. This sour-milk drink is widely distributed in everyday life among the inhabitants of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, as well as the Turkic and Mongolian regions of the Russian Federation, which is why koumiss was chosen as an object of research. The study also developed a new technology obtaining sour milk beverage, selected modes of lyophilization. In addition, the influence of various parameters on quality of the dried product has been studied. The research resulted in the obtaining of powdered sour milk national beverage koumiss. The study of the quality parameters of the powdery product showed that the particle size (more than 80%) was 115-125 ?m, the solubility index was 0.15 ml, and moisture in the dry sour milk beverage was 4.8%. Analyzes’ results of the chemical composition of dry koumiss showed that the results of dry sour milk beverage differ slightly from the original (natural). Most importantly, almost their medicinal (vitamin) components are completely preserved in the final products. Thus, during the research it was established that the developed technology of koumiss production allowed to increase the physicochemical parameters of koumiss, and the vacuum freeze drying method used made it possible to obtain a high-quality product. The goal was achieved by solving important scientific problems, which were set out in the work.


Sour milk beverage, koumiss, lyophilization (freeze drying)

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IDR: 140229976   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-30-36

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