Personal security of police officers during the detention of armed criminals as one of the elements of the national security of Russia

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In this article, the author addresses some features of the organization and conduct of special operations to detain armed especially dangerous criminals by police officers, in terms of ensuring their personal security, within the framework of the concept of national security of Russia. The author has attempted to examine the extent to which the personal security of a police officer depends on objective and subjective factors of training and operational performance. The theoretical content of the article and the author's opinion are supported by excerpts from regulatory legal acts and practical examples. The peculiarities of ensuring the personal safety of an employee during the detention of armed offenders discussed in the article make it possible to eliminate possible mistakes, and to form the basic skills used by police officers, correctly and quickly make responsible decisions that correspond to the letter of the law when detaining criminals.


National security, personal security of police officers, personal security, armed criminal, detention

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