Max and development of the external breathing function of young cyclists

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The article presents the results of a comparative physiological study of the age-related dynamics of the development of the respiratory system of cyclists 13-16 years old. It has been established that in connection with morphological rearrangements of the body during age development, a change in the functional state of the respiratory system occurs, expressed in changes in indicators characterizing the economization of the function of external respiration. Girls 13-14 aged are not inferior to 15-16 aged in terms of maximum oxygen consumption, minute ventilation, tidal volume. Moreover, an increase in the values of these indicators was noted, which indicates the high functional potential of their respiratory system. An increase in tidal volume was recorded, which supports the optimal minute ventilation volume at a low respiratory rate in boys 15-16 aged compared with 13-14 aged, which indicates the economization of the respiratory system.


Cycling, vo2max, respiratory system, young athletes, physical performance, age features

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