Mathematical modeling of releasing the tether system from a rotating central body

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The article studies a problem of releasing a heavy tether representing a part of a circular solar sail cloth in a folded configuration subject to centrifugal inertia forces. The slope angle of a quasistationary shape of the tether being released with a constant speed is analytically calculated. Consideration is given to various methods of tether release: at a constant speed, a uniformly decreasing speed and a speed ensuring a permanent deviation of the tether end from the radial direction. The advantages and disadvantages of each release method are considered. Most of the focus is on minimizing the disturbing effect of the tether on the central rotating body, from which the folded sail cloth is released. The results obtained can be used in designing systems of the initial phase of deploying solar sails on space platforms with large rotating solar sails.


Solar sail, mathematical modeling, quasistationary shape, methods of releasing from the folded configuration

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