Location of rare orchids in the Gainsky district (Perm krai, Russia), prospective for assigning the status of specially protected natural territory

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The task of preserving biodiversity is closely related to the protection of rare and endangered species of organisms and the development of a system of specially protected natural areas. In 2020 and 2021, a reconnaissance survey of a site with a small open swamp near the village of Gayny (Perm Krai) was carried out in order to assess the prospects for giving it the status of a specially protected natural area. The site is characterized by a high diversity and abundance of orchids growing on it, which are one of the most vulnerable components of vegetation. The diversity of plant communities of the site was described and 11 orchids were recorded. All of them are included in the security lists of various levels. In addition, in the territory under consideration in 2015, a resident of the village of Gaina, Yu. A. Savelyev, recorded Epipogium aphyllum Sw., which was not encountered during a reconnaissance survey. The article presents some features of the distribution, biology and protection of all orchids noted on this territory. The main reason for the reduction in the number of orchids, as well as many other species of organisms, is the violation of habitats. Ecological and biological features of orchids enhance the effect of adverse factors. Therefore, today the conservation of orchid habitats is considered as the most effective method of their protection. Based on this, it is concluded that it is advisable to assign the status of a specially protected natural area to the surveyed site in the vicinity of the village of Gainy, Perm Krai.


Specially protected natural territory, vegetation, rare plant species, Orchidaceae

Короткий адрес: https://sciup.org/147236807

IDR: 147236807   |   DOI: 10.17071/2410-8553-2021-2-24-35

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