Methodical approach to estimation of efficiency of functioning of the integrated formations – participants of the local market of meat production

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Stabilization and development of the market of meat products, increase of efficiency of its functioning to a large extent depend on the structural transformations directed on improvement of integration processes. The search for forms of integration interaction that can unite as many different subjects of the regional economy as possible by effective partnerships in order to focus resources on the implementation of priority directions of the regional socio-economic system, improve the efficiency of the use of production and social infrastructure is of particular relevance now. Under the current conditions, the priority factors of efficiency are: industry specialization and technological compatibility; the validity of the choice of an integrator; the concentration of agricultural production; financial, economic, industrial and technical condition of the participants; the mechanisms of coordination and management; the optimality of proportions between the links of the technological chain; the level of capacity utilization; the degree of satisfaction of raw materials needs through domestic supplies. According to our assessment, the further development of associations should be intensive and carried out through the implementation of investment and innovation programs aimed at the development of high-quality new technologies and techniques, methods of labor organization and management of integrated production. The methodological tools used by us to justify the proposed provisions and establish the laws of development of integrated structures in the regional agro-industrial complex can be used to conduct a multilateral assessment of effectiveness with different levels of detail of the results. The method of complex assessment of functioning efficiency of the integrated structures in the agroindustrial complex developed by us allows:-to reveal potential sources of growth of efficiency of functioning of Association and character of their use; – to establish the directions of managing, subject to efficiency decrease due to excess of limit parameters; – to predict prospects of further development of the integrated formation, including by change of structure of participants.


Local market, meat products, integration formations

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IDR: 140229993   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-419-426

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