The international standards concerning selection and appointment of judges

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Purpose: Consideration of the content of the international legal norms establishing the standards concerning selection and appointment of judges. Methodology: The author applied a comparative and legal method, a formal legal method, a method of the included supervision. Results: In article on the basis of studying of a wide range of international legal acts the main contents of the international standards, concerning selection and appointment of judges are opened. The conclusion that the way of appointment of judges, their advances on service and transfer to other court is the main characteristic of judicial system and an indicator of its independence and ability to serve as the effective instrument of fair administration of justice is drawn. It is noted that a number of bodies for protection of human rights expressed concern in connection with unjustified participation executive or legislature in the course of appointment of judges. The attention that the Human Rights Committee and other bodies recommended to all states to create independent body which will provide appointment and advance of judges and management of judicial system is paid. Novelty/originality/value: Work is of the scientific value as contains generalizations, important for a legal regulation of judicial activity, and conclusions.


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