Models of meteoroid environment in near-Earth space and determination of the meteoroid flux density

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The problems in evaluating the risk of spacecraft getting damaged by meteoroids and space debris are currently fairly important. The probability of a SC avoiding damage depends on the properties of its structural elements and the density of high-velocity particle stream. The effect of properties of structural elements is determined by their ability to withstand a high-velocity impact and is described by ballistic limit equations. This paper is an analytical review of papers (mostly from abroad) on evaluating the meteoroid flux density using various models of meteoroid environment. It formulates general requirements for experimental data, which can be considered acceptable for obtaining relationships of a more general nature suitable for evaluating meteoroid flux density. It provides a comparison between meteoroid flux densities based on different models, including the model described in our country’s current national standard. Based on the analysis of experimental data accumulated to date, it proposes an analytical dependence for calculating the meteoroid flux density in the vicinity of Earth.


Meteoroid, space debris, spacecraft shielding against meteoroids, meteoroid environment, meteoroid flux density

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