Motivation to professional activity, physical and mental training of college students of the 1-4 courses of specialization 49.02.02 «Adaptive physical education»

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Relevance. The article discusses the need for the additions and methodological support of the Federal State Educational Standard of the Secondary Professional Education (hereinafter State Standard) of the specialty 49.02.02 «Adaptive physical education» due to the lack of effective methods in the field of training of mid-level specialists. Research aim. The main areas of the research are focused on the search and creation of new effective methods for the formation of professionally important qualities and abilities, personal and professional growth of students, their competence in the chosen field of activity. Research methods. The research methods are: analysis of scientific and methodological literature, pedagogical testing of the level of physical qualities development, psychological testing, written survey, analysis of working documentation, pedagogical experiment, methods of mathematical statistics. Research results. The need to apply innovative methods, models, with the help of which educational activities are conducted, is obvious...


Adaptive physical education, physical preparedness, professional preparedness, mental processes, motivation

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