Oil industrial facilities in Perm region

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The article presents generalized data on the explored reserves of hydrocarbon raw materials by categories in the Perm region. The information on companies engaged in oil and gas production is provided. The analysis of placement of objects of oil fields taking into account soil features of the region is carried out. There are 237 hydrocarbon deposits in Perm Krai. In the Perm region, the total drilled technologically recoverable oil reserves at the developed fields amount to 551.539 million tons. in 2017, 11.891 million tons of oil were produced in the Perm region. 38 companies operate in the oil and gas industry. According to the data on the distribution of oil fields in the Perm region, the types of soils for which it is necessary to develop standards for the permissible residual content of oil and petroleum products (DOSNP) were selected. Standards were developed in 2018 for the following types of soils: sod-podzolic soils, deep podzolic, podzols illuvialferruginous, pean-raised-meash soils. The share of these types of soils is 31.3% of the area of the Perm region. Analysis of the location of oilfield facilities in the Perm region allows for more effective development of environmental measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment of economic activities for oil production.


Perm region, oil fields, oil field facilities, oil and gas reserves, standards of oil and oil products content

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