Non-season production of raspberry of red berry products in conditions of heated winter greenhouses

Автор: Akimova Svetlana V., Vikulina Alexandra N., Demenko Vasily I., Kirkach Vadim V., Aladina Olga N., Strelets Victor D., Panichkin Leonid A.

Журнал: Овощи России @vegetables

Рубрика: Плодоводство, виноградарство

Статья в выпуске: 5 (49), 2019 года.

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Relevance. Currently, in many countries of the world, the production of non-season raspberry berry products has become widespread. Recently, interest in this technology has arisen in Russia, which has great prospects for the development of industrial gardening. In our opinion, it is promising to develop elements of technology for the non-seasonal production of red raspberries, propagated by the method of clonal micropropagation with a traditional and remontant type of fruiting in the conditions of winter heated greenhouses. Material and methods. The experiments were carried out in the laboratory of clonal micropropagation of garden plants in the fruit growing laboratory of RGAU-MSHA named after K.A. Timiryazev. The objects of research were varieties of red raspberries with a traditional (variety Volnitsa) and remontant (varieties Orangevoe Chudo and Bryanskoe Divo) type of fruiting. The experimental plants were propagated by the method of clonal micropropagation and grown before distillation in open and protected ground; plants propagated by root offspring served as control...


Raspberry remontant, raspberry with traditional type of fruiting, non-seasonal berry products

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IDR: 140245787   |   DOI: 10.18619/2072-9146-2019-5-58-66

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