The concentrations of heavy metals in leaves of Ulmus foliaceae growing in Yerevan

Автор: Khachatryan L.R., Nersisyan G.S., Grigoryan M.A.

Журнал: Антропогенная трансформация природной среды @atps-psu

Рубрика: Проблемы городской среды

Статья в выпуске: 2, 2016 года.

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The research goal was studying the contents of heavy metals in leaves of Ulmus foliaceae in the green infrastructure of Yerevan. As indicated, the elm leaves accumulate highest concentrations of Hg, Mo and Ni. The concentrations of these elements exceed the upper thershold of Accepted Standard Concentrations in plants by several times. Besides, the highest concentrations of almost all elements are detected in the elm leaves growing on the south and southwest sections of city of Yerevan.

Heavy metals, pollution of urban environment, ecological assessment

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IDR: 147226761

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