On the new love: at the boundary of artistic literature, philosophical reflection and scholarly notions

Автор: Ushenina Yana A.

Журнал: Новый филологический вестник @slovorggu

Рубрика: Филология плюс…

Статья в выпуске: 4 (27), 2013 года.

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The article analyzes different approaches to the one topic that puzzles a lot of intellectuals today. Love as an essential principle of being produces more and more questions in the framework of contemporary civilization, space of big cities and rapid spread of information, changing life patterns and penetration of scientific knowledge into the most delicate sphere of human relationships. The article shows that reflection over the topic of love represented in the texts of diverse genre characteristics: journal article, philosophical essay and novel, bears the stamp of not only the authors’ professional activity, i.e. of certain peculiarities of the material representation and the way of the verbal influence on the reader, but also of their own human experience.


Love, genre, journal article, philosophical essay, novel

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