Gymnasts’ double back flips training in the floor exercise with elements of programming

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The article presents a biomechanical analysis of the technique and method of double back flip training in floor exercises for gymnasts. Using Virtual Dub program, selected periods, stage movement, each of which consists of certain phases are defined, the boundary position and the leading physical action gymnasts in each phase to effectively master this exercise are set. As a result of the study, the motor composition of the double back flip in the grouping is established, and the set of specific motor actions that make up the exercise is presented. The kinematic characteristics of each phase are determined. The research made it possible to develop a method of double back flips training based on the method of programmed learning. According to the identified components, training tasks were developed to improve gymnasts’ physical and technical fitness that became the main content of the program.


Gymnastics, floor exercises, biomechanical analysis

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