Overview of the instrumental base for the control of greenhouse gases

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Introduction. The article describes the results of a comparative analysis of three large companies presenting on the market close control equipment for the control of climatically important parameters: LI-COR, Picarro and Gasera, and using nanotechnologies; the urgency of the ecological problem of finding a technical solution for the control of climatically active gases, including CO2 in the atmospheric air, was studied. The aim of the work is to analyze the world leaders in the production of precision equipment for monitoring greenhouse gases in the manufacture of nanomaterials and in scientific centers for the study of climate change. Methods and materials. The study is based on the information from open information sources, materials and reviews of various fields of knowledge made by scientific researchers, who describe the features of the activities of these companies or are directly involved in product development, and then compile a report on their work. The article contains information from true sources, namely from the official websites of companies, which describes their history of creation and development process. Research methods are benchmarking and SWOT analysis. Results and discussion. The study carried out a comparative analysis of companies in terms of the duration of work in world markets and its impact on the quality and technical features of products. The article provides information about companies that have achieved very good results from the beginning of their foundation to the present. The species diversity of old and new generation quality control devices sold in markets around the world by the companies in question is the same, which leads to very high competition. A description of the companies' operations, their location, coverage of consumers is given, as well as the annual income from the sale of products, the amount of work that they do in the course of their activities. Conclusion. It was revealed that the companies LI-COR, Picarro, Gasera carry out the production of quality control devices that reproduce the required measurement parameters. Gas-analyzers of the companies are in demand in the market of precision control devices used to capture greenhouse gases in order to develop building nanomaterials, scientific research on the climate problems of modern society.


Climate, greenhouse gas, control devices, benchmarking, nanomaterial

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IDR: 142231843   |   DOI: 10.15828/2075-8545-2022-14-1-62-69

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