Evaluation of the mastering degree of battle methods of fight among listeners of educational organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

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The article considers one of the issues of organization of professional training in order to fill the position at the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation. In the educational process of physical preparation, the current control is conducted, a differentiated assessment characterizes the level of acquired motor skills. At present, the approach to assess the mastery degree of combat fighting techniques is poorly expressed in regulatory documents and educational literature. Research aim. The study was conducted with the aim of development of a table for assessing the mastering degree of combat fighting techniques and their differentiated systematization. Research methods. The following research methods have been used: pedagogical observation, pedagogical experiment, pedagogical analysis, methods of mathematical statistics. Research results. The study involved 68 students, 4-5 months of training, in total they completed 272 combat techniques of the struggle. During the analysis, the following technical mistakes have been identified: loss of capture; pauses during execution; slow uncertain actions; execution without key action; performing a relaxing blow with the other leg or in another part of the body; not in-dicated relaxing blow; another trick inappropriate to the task; long pause before execution; reception is not completed until the end; lack of grip with the left hand with the thumb down (in the «jerk», «lever out», «lever in»)...


Combat fighting technique, physical training, score table, students

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