Estimation of the dependence of electrolyte mixing in a developed portable installation for producing electrolytic foil

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The article presents the results of computer simulation of the process of mixing an electrolytic solution in the developed portable installation for obtaining copper foil, intended for research purposes. Stirring the electrolytic solution during the production of copper foil by electrolysis is necessary to maintain a constant concentration of copper ions at the drum surface immersed in the electrolyte. This is one of the controlled parameters that affect the thickness and quality of the strip. Namely, due to the mixing of the electrolytic solution and thereby maintaining a constant composition of the electrolyte in the gap between the cathode and the anode, copper particles settle on the drum surface more evenly, as a result of which the foil is obtained with a more uniform structure and uniform thickness along the entire length of the drum-cathode. This, in turn, allows you to reduce losses when forming the final width of the finished strip. As part of the work, a study was carried out of the influence of structural elements of the electrolyte container of a portable installation for obtaining electrolytic foil on the stirring of an electrolytic solution. To assess the dependence of the stirring of the electrolytic solution on the number and location of inlet and outlet holes in the electrolyzer bath. The simulation of the electrolyte mixing process was carried out in the integrated SolidWorks Flow Simulation package. For this, several configurations of the electrolyte bath were prepared, differing in the number and location of inlets and outlets. As a result of the study, it was concluded whether the process of electrolyte mixing in the electrolytic cell depends on its configuration.


Foil, electrolytic copper foil, copper foil production, solidworks flow simulation, computer simulation

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IDR: 147236541   |   DOI: 10.14529/met210404

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