The foundations of offshore wind energy converters and scour protection

Автор: Nesterov Artem Andreevich, Belyaev Nikolay Dmitrievich, Karelov Aleksand Vladimirovich, Efimova Valeriya Valerievna, Vlasov Pavel Pavlovich

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Статья в выпуске: 7 (34), 2015 года.

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The satisfying of North and Far-Eastern Russian offshore territories requirements in electric power is possible through the creation of the Offshore Wind Energy Converters (OWEC). The foundation for the offshore settings can consist of concrete, steel piles and multi-supporting structures. In this article engineering measures for protection of seabed from scour near OWEC with the use of different coverings are considered. Recommendations are based on analysis of experimental studies.

Offshore wind energy converters, foundations, scour, engineering measures, experimental studies

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