Bases of developing an automated system for diagnosing the physical state of schoolchildren

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The article presents an overview of modern software tools for diagnosing the physical condition of people engaged in physical education (in particular, schoolchildren), developed and used by both domestic and foreign researchers. The results of a comparative analysis of the scope of applicability, implemented functions, purpose, and requirements for users of this tool are described. The low efficiency of using widespread universal, professional and special programs for processing large data sets to solve the problem of determining the physical condition of a student in a secondary educational institution is justified. Arguments are presented that prove the feasibility of developing an author's software product designed to analyze the anthropometric and physiological characteristics of children of primary, middle and high school age. The selection of optimal characteristics of software products used for monitoring the initial, current and final physical development of schoolchildren of different age groups was made...


Diagnosis of adaptive abilities of schoolchildren, electronic assessment system, physical education

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