"Letter" and "silence" of the sports federation as jurisdictional decisions

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Purpose: To identify the criteria for recognition of the status of a «decision» by the action or omission of jurisdictional and other bodies of International Sports Federations through a study of the practice of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Methodology: Methods of analysis and synthesis; formal-legal and comparative methods. Results: The article analyzed the criteria for recognizing the status of decisions for letters, messages and «silence» of bodies of International Sports Federations. Separately, an assessment is given of the fact of the lack of reaction («silence») of the jurisdictional body of the International Sports Federation, as well as letters received from the e-mail address of the Federation. Novelty/originality/value: The article is a comprehensive analysis of the practice of CAS regarding the recognition of the status of «decision» by the action, inaction of jurisdictional and other bodies of international sports federations. The author has formulated a number of conclusions of practical importance for legal science.


Практика cas, sports arbitration, cas practice, decisions of judicial bodies, decisions of sports federations, denial of justice, form of decision of sports federation, dispute resolution

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