Improving the soil fertility of agricultural lands in the Non-Black Earth zone of the Russian Federation

Автор: Dubenok Nikolay N., Klimakhina Marina V., Matsyganova Elena V.

Журнал: Овощи России @vegetables

Рубрика: Мелиорация, рекультивация и охрана земель

Статья в выпуске: 4 (60), 2021 года.

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Relevance. According to the Federal Law of 16.07.1998 No. 101-FZ (as amended on 05.04.2016) "On State Regulation of Ensuring the Fertility of Agricultural Land", owners, owners, users, including tenants of land plots are obliged to: carry out the production of agricultural products in ways that ensure the reproduction of the fertility of agricultural land, as well as excluding or limiting the adverse impact of such activities on the environment. Environment. Materials and methods. The research was carried out on a stationary field experience in the Podolsk district of the Moscow region in 2011-2012. On experience, five-floor crop rotation will be deployed in time: 1) oats; 2) barley with planted perennial herbs; 3) perennial herbs of the first year of use; 4) perennial herbs of the second year of use; 5) winter wheat. The plots were located in the upper part of the slope with a slope of 14% (weakly pitched) and in the lower part of the slope with a slope of 7% (gentle). Results. it was found that on average annually in the slope areas of the non-chernozem region soils lose from the layer 0-40 cm with a surface runoff of phosphorus 0.7-6.0 kg / ha, potassium 2.3-28.9 kg / ha, calcium 7.3-45.8 kg / ha. With anti-erosion methods of tillage on a slope with a steepness of 7%, the migration of chemical elements was 2.2 times less compared to similar options on the slope with a steepness of 14%. Surface runoff redistributes substances along the length of the slope, therefore, it is necessary to take this into account during chemical reclamation of the slopes soils and carry out differentiated application of fertilizers and lime. After chemical analysis of the arable layer of soil, it turned out that the maximum content of humus, mobile forms of phosphorus and exchange potassium is noted in the lower part of the slope, which is associated with the processes of washing and alluvium of the soil.


Soil fertility, agricultural land, slope land, water erosion, soil protection, sprinkling

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IDR: 140257607   |   DOI: 10.18619/2072-9146-2021-4-124-129

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