The subject of interrogation of witnesses in the investigation of the illicit sale of synthetic narcotic drugs committed with the use of online stores

Автор: Zemtsova S.I.

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Analyzing criminal cases investigated in various regions of Russia on the facts of the contactless sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances committed in online stores, the author differentiates witnesses for this category of crimes. There are four groups: 1) involved in documenting criminal activities; 2) witnesses of crime or detention of suspects (mortgage, courier, operator); 3) having an indirect relation to persons who have committed a crime and the crime scene; 4) not related to the work of the online store, but possessing information of significant criminalistic significance for the revealing and investigating illegal sales. For each of the groups, the object of interrogation is substantiated and tactical features of the production of this investigative action are indicated.


Interrogation, witness, illegal sale, narcotic drugs, online store, tactics

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