Project for building a multimodal medical information system

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An approach to the construction of a multimodal medical information system is considered, which involves the construction of a trilingual dictionary of medical terms, including English, Chinese and Russian. The idea of the system is based on the analysis of the evolution of terminology in medicine. Data are automatically uploaded from the medical electronic library PubMed, a text corpus is formed based on a search query, the text of documents is analyzed, potential new medical terms are automatically identified, and a dictionary of terms of a multimodal medical information system is formed. The structure of the dictionary includes the term itself, its definitions, categories, contexts with links to the originals of publications, etc. The system will be hosted on a server, with the ability to organize access to it based on user rights. The functionality of the system will include the addition of new terms, correction of definitions, contexts, and statistical calculations. The system will be useful for medical professionals to search for information, highlight trends in the development of diseases, and make a diagnosis.


Multimodal medical information system, medical terms, text analysis, formation of dictionaries

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IDR: 148322464   |   DOI: 10.25586/RNU.V9187.21.03.P.109

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