Development, analysis and modeling of STP-ISS transport protocol for SpaceWire onboard networks

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The paper presents results of a project for development of a new transport protocol STP-ISS for SpaceWire onboard networks. Authors shortly overview the existing transport protocols for SpaceWire and prove that development of a new protocol is reasonable. Then the paper describes all phases of the STP-ISS development. The development started from the gathering of technical requirements from the space industry. Then authors wrote the first version of the STP-ISS specification, wich describes its main mechanisms. After that authors performed modeling, testing and verification of a protocol by three different models: C++ reference code, SDL model and SystemC networking model, which describes the networking mechanisms of STP-ISS. The next step was the development of IP-core and implementation of a Workplace for the testing of a hardware, which works with STP-ISS usage. As a result, paper presents two revisions of STP-ISS transport protocol and shortly compares them


Transport protocol, on-board network, spacewire, stp-iss, testing, ip-ядро, modeling, ip-core

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