Development of youth tourism in Russia

Автор: Konovalova Elena, Kosareva Natalia

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The article presents basic development directions of youth tourism in Russia. It notes that youth tourism should take into account the potential of the target audience, and it actualizes the development of low-budget accommodation facilities. The article considers the development of hostels in Russia. Since recently this sphere of hospitality has been standardized and therefore can successfully grow in Russia. The current economic situation has increased inflation, led to a reduction production and growth of unemployment in the country. The development of tourism, focused on single-industry towns, will allow the usage of possibility of cognitive and patriotic tourism. Young people can get acquainted with history of towns, study the modern way of life and interests of the residents. At the same time the development of tourism will allow to create additional work places and expand the hotel business. Youth tours should include a variety of elements - the study of history, national culture, cuisine and many other things. Young travelers aspire to active recreation, which is full of events and adventures. This is determines the need for a special event-related and educational tours. Development of territories and formation of their brands also play important role. The authors note that abroad development of territorial brands has long been the natural direction of tourism development, while in Russia this factor still does not have a significant impact on the development of the tourism industry. A large number of single-industry towns make it possible to realize their individual potential in the field of youth tourism.


Tourism, tourist infrastructure, branding territories, youth tourism, hostel, biking

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IDR: 14058006   |   DOI: 10.12737/19182

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