Development of provisional actions of the arbitration agreement as a measure of increasing the competitiveness of the Russian economy in the information society

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Purpose: Analysis of the development of the system-institutional legal regulation of provisional actions of the arbitration agreement in the conditions of digitalization of the Russian economy. Methodology: General and special methods of research were used (comparative and system approaches, sociological analysis and others). Results: As a result of the studies, it was proposed to amend the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 07.07.1993 N 5338-1 «About international commercial arbitration» in terms of resolving issues of remote arbitration proceedings using Internet resources. Novelty/originality/value: The article has a high scientific value and carries a significant practical significance. The provisions contained in the materials of the article can be used to improve the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


Netcase, arbitration, electronic arbitration, electronic arbitration agreement, provisional actions, institute of an emergency arbitrator

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